WEDNESDAY: White Hair Pondering the Weird

Giving thanks to God that I am now comfortable being “weird” as a senior citizen.  So pleased I don’t fit statistical “norms” (who in the heck wants to be “normal”?)  It has taken too much hard work to get to this point just to be plain old vanilla “normal”.

But my brain-tickler for today is:  Why is my happy-to-be-eccentric self so intimidating to others that they might secretly wish I were in a “group home”?  Why is my “serving the community and being healthy walking and picking up roadside litter (much of it for recycling)” self somewhat threatenting to many around me?

Do they think I am scamming, somehow?  Could I suddently flip-out and dance, or sing, or speak blessings on all who pass?  WHAT? WHAT?

Okay, so if I am touching a long-forgotten spot in passerby’s psyches, could this not be a GOOD THING?

Alright, already–you’ve caught me red-handed:  maybe I DO want to make people stop and think!

But, honestly, I really do think cleaning up public spaces,recycleing, walking for exercise, leaving the vehicle in the driveway as much as possible, exhibiting public peace and joy in Creation are good ways to live.

I often feel each white hair was produced developing much of the above!

Besides, folks, my hair is not WHITE:  it is PLATINUM!



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