Well, folks, if he DID have white hair and spent much time walking around after landing, I am wondering if some Native American offered to cart him off to find a better fishing spot.

Now, remember, human nature never truly changes.  I mean, the first man passed the buck to the first woman, did he not?  And local citizens (native Americans) in 1492 surely had both better fish stories, better “shortcuts” (you can’t miss it, etc.), and better (lazier) means of locomotion.

Just as in my own Smalltown, SouthernUSA, passer-bys think they know of a “better” way for me to travel, be “safe”, spend my time, etc.

Which brings me to the question:  what else besides an unexpected landmass getting in the way of his trip to the Orient (then-current source of many great trading goodies) did Columbus discover after spending a little time in Espaniola.

Did he gain little tidbits of wisdom about human nature (other than how to keep starving, rebelling sailors from killing you in your bunk)?

Would I have gained any little tidbits of wisdom in his place?  If so, how?

What about just sitting still on the beach and watching the sun rise out of the ocean?

What about just sitting still and watching what edibles would start skitting around on the beach?

What about just enjoying how great it felt to sit still on dry land?

Oops–I just sprouted a couple of new white hairs–just sitting still!

Oopsy,doopsy–I just felt really good inside!  How’s that for a discovery, Christopher?


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