Started out planning today’s post last evening while settling four-legged family members for the night.  Lots of steps and pats and pauses and backing up, stepping sideways involved here.  Ruminating on threads in my Poets&Writers Speakeasy forum on importance of meter in poetry.  Started humming and attempting to assign one word or syllable per step or other motion, soon expanded inside my cranium and my ribcage to allow an entire short poem per step or motion.  See, the smallest thing we do to interact with our world speaks at least an entire poem, if not indeed volumes.  Such as:

(Long stride over large dog)

Flapping tail of happiness

Over small rush of air

Caressing my stretching back

Consoling my canine self,

Body and soul.

(Side swipe pat of small silky ear)

Never mind she did not pick me up

Or sneak in an extra treat

Her fluttery fingers, even fatigued,

Speak to all my best parts.

(Hasty halt by raised paw)

See, she is getting older and wiser:

knowing the simple calculus

between an offered body part,

a good-enough,quick-enough awareness,

and a satisfied soul.


Now, Self, just keep writing and moving and loving.  Let the blessings above spread to the two-legged world.  Let’s dance, shall we?



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