Remember last Friday’s little ditty:

Slaggy walking around in a light frost

On leaves of fallen tree grace

Leads to stumbling affections

In a world newly minted in heart……?

Well, here’s some more:

Minted in the little heart-shaped piece of light

Quivering as a dewdrop on rose leaf

At rest on the the fingertip happy

After a warmer night of only a few un-answers.

Why followed by maybe taking another look

Into that little heart-corner looking for rest

From that friend’s “shusshing” turn away

To glimpse a morsel of underdone advise best heeded.

When redirected to another heart-crevasse

By the sudden memory of a time

When success was surprised in the middle

Of just the sparest of words dripping from the heart-leaf.

Okay, here’s hoping any reader of this post will feel MORE than free to offer comments!

(See, here’s how older-and-wiser sometimes works:  you actually invited constructive criticism!)


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