This will be a VERY short post today, as I desperately needed a “time-out” earlier today.  After a visit with my pals at my local health food store, Herbal Solutions, and purchasing 6 ounces of tumeric for extra seasoning and old-fashioned joints-aching-in-the cold pain relief, here’s what I have to offer right now before my posting time is up for today (other worthy activities calling soonest!):

Tumey red powder from India stinging my nose

Sliding under the seat to surprise my fatigue

Riding with the have-tos of the morning

And the should-bes of the evening.


About-to-explode psyche whispering all day

To gain admittance to the respectables

So glad to sneeze and bless me

Whizzing past the bank of the church ladies.


See you tomorrow, friends.  I am now refreshed.




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