Dear, dear followers, friends, and visitors: This totally awesome post was just filed by a dear fellow journeyer with us. It is only fitting it be reposted here to amplify and provide so much more light for our travels over the next days and weeks. Enjoy! Wag your tail if you agree.


I write this in honour of granbee


Do you hear the noise Booty boy, can you hear the the braying and the snorting and the croaking and crawing? Do you see the leaping and the hopping and the stumbling …becoming louder now a grumbling rumbling?

Can you see the colours Booty Boy can you see the feathers and fur swirling and whirling building up to joy? Can you see the hopping and hobblers and jumpers and leaping tibbly tobblers? Are they calling you.

Is your tail a wagging Booty Boy and your legs a jaggling and your mouth a drooping and your heart and head a loop-a-looping. Do you want to join the this possession this merry band all dancing paw in hand. Making nothing of the miles crossing the land. Hopity bobopity over streams and meadows.

Do you see the black crow and the white dove Booty Boy…

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  1. Thomas Davis
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 10:26:09

    My tails wags.

  2. bardessdmdenton
    Mar 17, 2012 @ 15:12:17

    Tail a-wagging…even my kitties a-wailing…

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