As previously stated at this website, Wednesdays in small town SouthernUSA is divided into rush-to-complete-business-before-noon and get-ready-for-spiritual cleansing portions.  So, having been outrageous enough to swim against the local stream many, many times by WALKING MY WHITE HAIR to complete errands and personal growth agendas, once again today I am outrageously proposing that spiritual cleansing/stretching/strengthening MUST NOT be confined to the interiors of local churches.  For example, as I performed a daily(sometimes several times per day) celebratory exercise of cleaning little and gathering recyclables from the public areas of my home street, I was congratulated by a TINTED-haired lady driving her polished vehicle for “doing your good deed today”.  I responded sincerely that this was part of my daily prayers.  Puzzled, forced smile and nod and driving off was the response.

Now, I have also previously posted here how much I have grown in my Wednesday night Bible Study group over the past few years.  Not saying we should stay out of conventional church settings, by any means.  However, that growth in wisdom would have died on the vine in my life if not for the multiplicity of outside-the-church-building spiritual/emotional/mental/physical endeavors I have felt challenged to try while inside-the-church-building!  Not only am I living a much more positive and creative existence in this little town, but I am so much more comfortable and effective at processing all the feedback I receive through my intuitive channels during encounters such as with the tinted-haired lady above.

Stepping out on the backs of the types of thoughts shared in yesterday’s poems enables a most rewarding “pushing the envelope” mindset and nourishes every part of me as I move along.

Hopefully, this approach to living in my senior years will promote a reliable outflow of generosity, compassion, empathy, creativity, and innovation–





Okay, so I am walking around taking care of personal errands downtown (small Southern town).  Trying to be a good citizen of Mother Earth, I had parked in a central location and set out on foot.  Alright, already,  I am also benefitting my own health and staying off medical claims rolls.  Anyway, after leaving the fourth establishment, with several logoed  shopping bags by now, I am approached by a relatively young gentleman who inquires” Excuse me, ma’am, are you trying to get back to your group home?”  Practicing my best p.r. skills, I calmly asked him if he minded my asking him why he asked.  The reply? “Because you were walking and you have white hair.”

Now, folks, I am still celebrating “burning the mortgage” on my home four months ago.  The comfort and self-confidence I gained from this allowed me to say,”Sir, I appreciate your concern but I own my home outright; and I walk both for my health and to conserve more of the earth’s resources, not to mention contributing a little less to air pollution.”  People, what I have not revealed so far is that THIS small southern town is the ONLY one where I have ever parked, walked to complete errands, and was viewed as doing nothing especially noteworthy.

Please understand I truly appreciate the beam of light the above incident shed into the darker craters of my fellow citizen’s hearts and minds.  Some tentative conclusions:

1)  The need of most to barricade themselves behind auto bodies and hair color?

2)  The wearing of “conservative” blinders about the ecology?

3)  The assumptions about how, when, and where people of “our kind” exercise?

Stay tuned for more thinking and related incidents in the life of this white-haired walker.


Guess what?  It’s never too late to rejoin at least ONE of your 20-somthings dream selves!  Writing again and digging for “the truth”, or at least recognizing it when it springs out of your fingertips on the keyboard, is a surprisingly joyous experience.  Looking into the light of each new day, best found through meditation and physically touching at least one small portion of the natural world, really establishes a foundation that is balanced, peaceful and invigorating all at the same time.  Surprise, surprise–it also builds stronger, more lasting bridges to those I care about most, dear family and friends, even new friends coming from the most unexpected corners of my world.  Thanks, everybody.  Thanks, world.  Thanks, Creator!

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