For all of my followers, especially Greg (Mr. Jitters) and Lauren (Cuddles), please see a tiny bit of what makes me “tick” in writing this crittery journey by reading this interview published at asoulswalk’s wordpress blog. I was so honored by his choosing to interview me and by his very thoughtful questions. You are very much appreciated, soulwalker!

A Soul's Walk

Granbee, author of “granbee,” a delightful poetry blog has graciously answered ten questions I had. Go check out her blog and make sure you stay a while when you are there.

1) You use animals in your poetry regularly. How did that begin?

I have identified very closely with animals since my earliest childhood
memories. I always seemed to understand what they were telling me. It was quite
early in my elementary school years that I began to feel these animals were
wiser than humans in the ways necessary to support life on this earth in the purest
forms. Also, I always believed that animals accepted me just as I was and actually
LIKED me that way! As I grew older and began to tutor classmates with learning
disabilities, I came to believe that the same unquestioning acceptance of other
people just as they are was an essential…

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Dears friends,
Please enjoy this short post I am reblogging from my very dear blogging friend, Becca Givens. She has posted here a “memo” that says so much of what our critterly friends are practicing and searching for more and more of! I would say this would make a terriffic refrigerator magnet, wouldn’t you?

"On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea"

Sharing with my readers for “Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday”, initiated by Amy of SoulDipper to “give this planet a much needed shot of fun, support and positive energy” … 

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© rgb for “On Dragonfly Wings with Buttercup Tea”, 2011 – 2012

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Please support this Elephant Advocacy program. These elephants, these wonderful critterly friends, give us magnificent examples of group bonding and mutual support. What an inspiration as we continue on our journey towards connections for peace and goodwill!

Oh, that our critterly friends would hurry and fine the promise in this rainbow pool very, very soon! Lots of healing here, perhaps?

Dear friends: Please view these snowed-in companion chairs in your mind’s eye as awaiting our critterly friends in more than one spot along the path of their quest!
I cannot remember seeing a better photographic capture of the symbols and essence of true friendship. Those companionable chairs waiting through the snows of winter for the spring sunshine that will bring the friends back out for a chat! Very, very wonderful! Would that all people all over the world had chairs like this awaiting them.

Creativity Aroused

Friends, a photo by Fergiemoto on Flickr.  (Click on image to enlarge).

storms rise and fall
seasons merge into another
true friendship endures

Photo submitted for his week’s WordPress photo challenge.

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The Week in Pictures: May 31 – June 7

The Week in Pictures: May 31 – June 7.



Dear friends, I just wanted you to especially notice all the news photos showing human conditions in the areas where our critterly friends are journeying!  Also, please note the tiny black spot that is one of our sister planets, Venus, as it transited the Sun on June 5, 2012!  Then join me in meditating upon the “bigger picture” you feel our critters are seeking in view of all of this!

Thank you and bless you all, always,


Animal Tracks: May 16 – 22

Animal Tracks: May 16 – 22.

Dear followers, brothers, sisters, and honored visitors: Please enjoy this reblogged post from writinggomer (Greg Holt) to prepare yourselves to see at least one of the featured “winged ones” on granbee’s critterly journey reveal more and more “honorable dragon” characteristics over the next few weeks of our journey.

Perfect photos to stimulate our thinkging about “critters” and what we can learn from them as we journey together!

Dear brothers and sisters: Please check out this NASA Pursuit of Light video clip and find out what it has to teach us on our own quests about “perspective.” The author of creatingreciprocity blog says that perspective is “absolutely irreplaceable in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.”


It’s all about perspective.

Perspective isn’t just something for art class – it’s essential for understanding.

It’s indispensabile in our quest for truth.

It’s vital for our ongoing safety and security.

And most of all it’s absolutely irreplaceable in the pursuit of personal and societal happiness.

In every sense perspective helps us get the whole picture.

And nothing delivers perspective better than films like this (well, for me anyway)…

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