“……and Jitters did WHAT for that little injured girl?”





“……and Jitters did WHAT for the abused girl we found?”



So friends in circling love laved herbs and oils on battered child.

So critters in crooning bowing eased twinight’s falling shades.

So all questers ne’er doubted the Light would wait e’er so mild.

So blessings and healings and hummings covered all in glades.


“What, what? Hark, hark!  Bark, bark! So snark a jumper enters here,”

cried all friends at once as new dancer, new prancer, Mr. Jitters did come.

“Me, Mr. Jitters, me flips and trips all ’bout ye healin’,come to wipe tear

of bashin’ from this dear girlie eye wid me dancin’ and me totin’ like a bum.”


So Mr. Jitters did swing, so sweet, dear girl to broad shoulder of mercy.

So all friends did gasp and swoon and fall to praying knee at such a jest,

Yet jest bearing light of fresh-born hope to face born by such nursey,

Such new hope face alight in swinging by Jitters,all bouncing blessed.




“………and just WHY did you say I am glowing all around the edges?”


Lenten Journey – Day 15
Biblical Scripture: John 12:36-43
Open Invitation to Join Terri from

Cloaked Monk



7-Mar-12: John 12:36-43

36 While you have the light, believe in the light, so that you may become children of light.”



“………and just WHY did you say I am glowing all around the edges?”



All rested and bested for the morrow the friends did stretch and grab

the cloaks and totes, little pluckies for nibbling and scrabbling through the day

All lifted and bowed and slid as one down the far slope as though a tab

marked the very narrow spot where all must file to leave that dear peak in dismay.


But, wait, what is that we hear, what is that we peer to see all crookley of eye?

But, halt, but breathe, but sigh and gasp, what is that goldy, whitey light of shape?

“Oh, am I on fire, am I being swallowed by sun, by this sparkley line on my bye?

“Dear, dear Stumpy, you Clumpy One, that is the Light of your adoption,” whistled Old Crow.

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