Now one brief meeting of the  floppy eared and the stamping one

With Old Shephered of the Seeing Crook along the star dusted path

Now one moment or two before first parting with crooky eye tone

Winking just in time to signal a pause between stamping and flopping wrath

At being so disturbed in their new threesome, their new team in the bone

Now one moment, one held breath, of new sight before such triple math.


Just one brief moment of waving the Seeing Crook before the ears and roots,

Just one brief moment of blinding ears and roots with site of heavy donkey load.

Just one brief  moment of glazing fur of ears and bark of roots to make new mutes

Of all three friends on the path,now shattered by glittering light on young girl’s cloak,

Now one brief moment of knighting the shoulders under ears and twigs wearing no boots,

Just one brief moment of sparking fire off the donkey load with heaving mothery croak.



NOTE:  Now floppy-eared boy and floppy-eared donkey and Stump Woman must rest before more sightings from Seeing Eye on Shepherd’s Crook!  For now they are totally weak and unable to travel in this hour of new sight.







Just a the floppy-eared boy and the donkey all floppy parts

Flopped and listened and heard as one the bright starsong

Just as four floppy ears danced down the wires to their hearts

With the brushing of angle wings foretold from time so long,

There stamped the squat figure of Stump Woman with no carts

Nor bearing no berries nor nectar to keep strong.


“Oh, Stump Woman, why leave your rest, your roots, your vale

“To stamp wobbly out here with us on the path to you-know-not-what

“When all we ask of you is to root right down for sitting while a tale

“Winds down the funneling floppy ears, singing the heart-wires of this and that

“Why uproot your old skirt to drag in this dust scarce settled after hoof rail

“Plodding the way to a place where you surely could not find a rest mat?”


“Oh, Flopping Eared Boy and Like-Eared Donkey, knew you not,

“Knew you not, I was pulled from taps into earth by most queer gust

“Indeed, lust of winds seeking shaken light from far away cot,

“So they whistled to me, swirling me up and out and to you in trust,

“That you heard the One True Tap Way in funneling ears to swot,

“Away all buzzings and fuzzings from my lowly branches, stripping the crust.”


“So, Stump Woman, we see you now all stripped and gleaming,

“So we hear your beaming, welcome your stamping between we two,

“So we hear from the brightest star a message fresh streaming,

“So new is the beaming of this joining on the road, a new crew,

“So now we are three all flopping and stamping, so newly steaming,

“With heated heart-wires and whittled stump sides to hear true.”


So the Floppy-Eared Boy and the Floppy-Eared Donkey listened in trod

Along a dusty path around hill and rock centered by Stump Woman in stamp

So the Boy and the Donkey and the Stump Woman flopped in nod

To the rhythm of the stars and the wings and the sway of loaded clamp

Of young girl’s mystery infilled leaning unheard by flopped ears or stamped clod

For the load of the donkey could not be seen by ears or stamping root in dewy damp.


NOTE:  On stamped and flopped the three new friends not seeing, only listening.






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