“……and we received healing as we heard the berry pickers far away!”








“……and we received healing as we heard the berry pickers far away!”





As Cuddles and Jitters patted and tapped on Spottedy chest

And the old goat began to breath easy under such touchy blessings

Ministering friends and healing Goat all heard humming in crest

O’er the near hills twixt healing bed and dark pits of dire stressings.



“What ye hear?  what dat humming?  So far, yet so near!”

Did Spottedy and healers all whispery-whistle as one.

“Shush, shush, dis hummin’ pours wellness into my bier,”

Did Spottedy caution healing friends in smiling tone.



“Ah, ah, now I haves it!” did spark up Jitters as he danced.

“Now I smell the drift of berry juice all drippin’ in the hums!”

“Dose foragin’ friends under Old Crow has founds foods so scanced!”

Thus did small smells and hums bring new hope to these tums.







So middle of the night it twas

The straw quit falling, the spider quit spinning

Rimming roof holes only light that was

While muttering cockles and cooing tickles in twinning

Ruffled  ear of Perchy Owl causing no pause

In dreamy sighing of mice and men at their sinning.


Only crouching hare in lumbery weeds

Rolled eye at spikey star, dancing faint chorus

Twitching nosehairs in question of such creeds

Bunching paws and tail in tighter lest morass

Rolling from yon fields stick to ears like beads

While light spikes and wing lines flew to surpass.


Now Big Red did huff to sling out wings in crow

Smashing Miss Grey still deep in dreamy coos

But now swiveled about in cote feet in a bow

Almost tied about her neck such was the doos

And donts and cockles and doodles of Red in crow

That Miss Grey scarce membered in peace dues.


“Oh, Red, you big dusty, crusty, lusty yardbird are you!

“What brings you to crow and flap and scrape and scrap

“Our good night of rest with such cockling much ado?

“What cracked your eye at midnight, stirring my nap

In rocking me off my rest with such flapping todo?

“What in heaven or earth heard you to cause such snap?


“Oh, little Miss Grey, Miss Proper Miss Grey, do you not hear

Now the flap of other wings, the brush of spinning robes on your cheek?

“No, Old Mr. Importance Red Cockle, I was in perfect peace in my bier.

“I practiced my coo chords in quiet sleep needing to fill my soul in meek.”

“Woe is me, Miss Grey, shame on me, Miss Grey, for flapping your rear.”

“Too rude of me, Miss Grey, too bold of me, Miss Grey, for bumping your beak.”


“Oh, lest us be done with regret, Ol’ Red’; no matter, Ol’ Red, for I also hear,

“Some chord like golden silk in strum floating over field and hills,

“Coo,coo, indeed I do hear, I do hear song in need of no throat so dear,

“As those who carried first light, first dawn, first leaf in their bills.”

“Oh, please Miss Grey, if you will, Miss Grey, now permit my beak to clear

“This low roof beam as I fly to greet these heavenly winged trills.”


Oh, Big Red, Old Red, Loud Red, never did I think myself to nod

“In accord with such clatter, so peaceful is my name with the sages

“But just now seeing  human two below bending care to trod

“Just now seeing that man, that woman below some told in past ages

“Just now seeing that new babe swaddled in box so close to sod

“Just now I must trill with you, to spill with you all good news in magis.”


“Oh, Miss Grey, dear Miss Grey, sweet Miss Grey, how you lift my crowing

“Into a flying chord of clear express, Into a tune of high joy willing good,

“How we two, you and I, in stall so simple, now trill and thrill in towing

“All the news across this little town, over these weary ones that could

“Bed only down in hay, now rise up in song and trill, new glory throwing

“All around my every cockling crow new starry light crowning Babe so good.”


Now Big Red and Miss Grey sighed together in peace and joy and goodwill

As they tucked beaks under wings and muttered, no travelers yet seen behind the hill.








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