“……you mean we get to REST?”


“……you mean we get to REST?”

There on the journey, on the trail came darker shades of dark,

Evening clouds piling up to peaks of the forgotten

Two shaking bodies of light up high reflecting star of  center mark

Marking friends to renew a dance darkly from time begotten.



“Now we’es carries smilin’ lil ‘ol hurt girl into dark!

“How we’es seez for stepping roun’ all hurts an’ brushkies?

“Now we’es bumpin’ an’ stumpin’ all jostlin’ so stark!

“How we’es find some trail to light where sings the lark?”



“Settle ye, peddle ye slow and more slow and seek ye rest,”

Called down Old Crow and whistled Old Ugly and Young Bluesey.

“Know ye not, The One made night for rest, for sighing so blessed?

“Know ye not, ye must be still, be very still for folding within arms so truesey!”





New sense of community:

Most prized gift in the now

Reflecting light back into the

Dark corners of the

Once and buried rhythms

Now dancing on top

Of their own graves


Community of sparks

Community of breaths

Community of  uplifted hand

To write on the pages of today

While tenderly turning over

The crackling and fading

Pages of yesterdays

Now gleaming under the new joy

Of community



Don’t we all remember “United we stand, divided we fall” and “We will overcome” and “We, the people” and “Yes, we can”?

While I have been practicing these principles; indeed, standing at many rope lines in the rain for these principles(among many other practices over the years), only in the past six weeks have I been truly a part of a community of writers.  To one and all who participate in this great writing quest with me, I say “I love you guys!”

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