Berry refreshed, berry stained, berry smores

friends behind earflops and bushnoses and stamped feet

Bearing cleareyed shepherd crook above resting snores

forming a watchguard over Littly and Weasley and Henny’s cleat

Boasting a fullout falldown sleep even Croaky-Moaky scores

fulsome for rest in dreams of worms with wings yet to meet.

All stretchy-fetchy into minding mists our friends abide,

waving vapors of scents and goldens and starries so far

from all they have known before the Babe, before the tide

of peace and goodwill and crashing angel tunes at the bar

of their souls waiting to breath a more distant side

from any ribs they had yet to bet beside robe with no mar.

Now friendly wendly muchly clutchly all did sleep

Not hearing or smelling at first any horsing clomps

Now mere smugging wispy wanding horsing keep

Not quite in dreams, not quite in peeps, just stomps

Now thrumming inside heads bearing four colors’ creep

Not so foretold mere weaving of wish for romps.

But hold! behold! no scold! all rolled

As one to kneel then stand then mend the dawn

But for scratchings and stretchings now scold

Old Shepherd and BushyGirl to shush these spawn

As one then t’other leaned looking smells so bold

Old Croaker could not bigger to meet GreyHorse drawn.

“What ho! What heigh! So nigh!  So spry!

“Come you now out from rocks,out from sleep

“What show? What blow?What Need-To-Bye?

“Come into circle, Come into us, Come break with keep”

Thus  friends fulsome step to offer berry pie,

Thus friends bending to east GreyHorse did leap.

Now on down rocks, now on past stream so oiled

With new found mount to carry some load

Now on across sand,  past bent tree enfoiled

With roostery crows and blustery flies en road

Now Henny and Weasley trot by limbs uncoiled

With spring and bounce to jounce a new code.

Yes, a new code, a new mould of form each soul did take

On eastward, on valeward from that old garden

Where once a path walked by evening’s cool lake,

On boastward did friends now march in pardon

Where drying winds did push more east to make

On scratched paths for hooves sent from stardon.

Soon scents of herds and sounds of scolders

Did fall on crittery heads and folksing eary fears

Soon creaks of carts and offaling potmolders

Did fall on flopped ears and stalking rears

Soon dustings so thick and mustings from boulders

Did blind the Crook and the Croaker in tears.

“Oh, what now? what bow? what row we must make?

“Oh, come now, side now, bide now, hide now!

“Oh, skippeling, snippeling, trippeling forsake!

“Oh, come now, ride now, quick now, fly now:

“Oh, forsooth and forsake now we trail to make

“Oh, stretch thou souls now, catch thy hearts now!”

So did friends go out by a different way to meet the East in New Light.


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