“……we’uns never have enough room!”


“……we’uns never have enough room!”

Squeezed together with pinchey toes

An’ scrapin’ bellies

An’ knockin’ noggins in blows

All down in the’ boggins shrillies.

Squished ‘n squashed an’ pressin’ blows

On long-ago nervsies.



Topsy-turvsies all-a-boggle

No whit of glee did find a thrill to toggle

Where friends were smashin, clashin’

All twistin’ an’ bustin’ w’elbow so thrashin’

Were friends seekin’ safety from snortin’ beasties

So hungry for the husks o’ their berries in feasties.



“Turn ye selves rightside up, ye goonies in den!”

Old Crow then did flap so scratched a croak

From one-toed perch on ledge just then,

“Does not ye see new ray of light in stroke,

“Pointing to door,  secret door, to Higher Room of kin?”






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