One crisping, swooping, starwaving night

In a bent old snaggy olive tree

Perched half behind a broken blight

Sat the nightingale singing tra-lee, tra-lee

For, you see, Friend Hopper’s bulgy sight

Beamed in twinkles: “new symphony”


So Miss Nightee Gale ran up and down trills

To warm all her chords in fore-warned mystery

Miss Nightee Gale trilled and thrummed the hills

So happy she was to please her friends for all history


Then who should bash, crash, smash down old limbs

But that one crow, Rusty Crow, who for corn only cawed

Who now disturbed the night song, the star-song to dims

So puzzled was Nightee Gale at daybird leaving her tune all pawed.


“What are you doing here, you greedy follower after dropped sheep’s corn?”

“What are you doing in my olivey bower, my starry runey chorales?”

“Oh, Nightee, the family kicked me out of my stally nightbed in scorn.”

“Oh, Nightee, the family pecked my snorey caws in their corrals.”


“Oh, is THAT all?  Is THAT your only reason for such treason?”

“Well, Brother Rusty, we shall soon mend all in your throat;”

“For Friend Hopper just scraped a note of new angel reason

“Bringing to all critters a new tune for all, no matter their boat.”


So Miss Nightee made room for Ol’ Rusty in her bower

Upon agreement that Ol’Rusty run chords in his throat

While lifting his corned eye always to starry shower

To bring harmony in rusty throat now with thrumming smote.

Now Ol’ Rusty and Miss Nightee bloomed like a flower

Of sweetest essence rising up to enfold angel’s coat.


Soon Galing tunes and Crowing chords formed a golden harp

On which the Peace and Goodwill Angels played over hills

And into lanes beside a cattle stall where sheep made a tarp

To cover small baaing heads bowed before heart’s thrills

Hushed by a new baby’s gaze beaming love without carp

To answer chorus of Rusty-Nightee band sending no bills.



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