Unraveling threads caught together rewind the road


This mystery road unwinding up the last dark hill

we may ever see searching each other


Unraveling thread fading in old pale leaves

torn from favorite books under gaunt trees

Blown beside an opening that never heaves

Up a path best seen in winter’s dark screes


Unwinding way tangled under twisted threads

sticking out of places near our centers

Pulling and releasing in alteration of our dreads

tangling our lost way with trailing glinters

Rocky pointers to the next bend crossed by breads

crumbed to feed us to crossed unwound centers


We are unwinding back towards a place

found by crossing fibers from each

To lay a dimly sparkling climb to trace

a just found map to that souly peaceful beach


The unraveling thread leaves enough fiber

from me to you in sand pushing new hills.


Unwinding thread brightening stumped toes

rolling on towards pointed lights

Unwinding thread tightening the center woes

filling our centers forgetting slights


Knotting threads wound back through wounds

filling with time’s sands to rest on a higher hill


Unwinding threads on winding paths winding heartstrings into a climbing song.















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