Yes, the rest from pressing myself to write higher and higher wordcount posts definitely helped.  However, I am not cured.  Yes, I am a ham but not cured.  I’m just hanging out in the smokehouse of all my loosely connected brainstorms, twisting over that final blast of the curing fire of editing discipline!!  However, I am a softer ham, a less pungent ham, a less singeing-of-the-pscyhic-nose-hairs ham than two days ago.  Here are some ways I have accomplished this better-hamness:

1)  Reading outloud the lines before stopping for the day;

2)  Meditating for about one minute between each coupld of stanzas;

3)  Resisting urge to call friend to read poetry post online (after too-hasty posting!);

4) Walking, skipping, jumping, twirling, lying down, kneeling, etc. as called for by any given line metrics;

5) Whisper-chanting the lines.

Also, taking more time to participate more thoughtfully in my favorite blogs (see for links) before beginning writing and taking time to visit briefly with a few “significant others” or new friends has definitely grounded me much better.  I need to stop being such a “know-it-all” and consult more with others, not just bounce off them.  Humility contributes to inner peace, which frees up a lot of mental/emotional/spiritual capacity for creative work.  May the Force be with me!

Now, I will take a deep breath and tackle some delayed contact with links found at, such as exploring the 31 days of writing challenge seen on yesterday’s post, found here:

P.S.  The honesty and humility found at really helped me today!

Will be posting soon about emitting sparks to light up social justice fires in my near vicinity!


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