“…….and you say there is lots more gold in that city we cannot see just yet?”


Lenten Journey – Day 14
Biblical Scripture: Hebrews 11:1-3, 13-19
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6-Mar-12: Hebrews 11:1-3, 13-19

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.

2 Indeed, by faith our ancestors received approval.

3 By faith we understand that the worlds were prepared by the word of God, so that what is seen was made from things that are not visible.

13 All of these died in faith without having received the promises, but from a distance they saw and greeted them. They confessed that they were strangers and foreigners on the earth,

14 for people who speak in this way make it clear that they are seeking a homeland.

15 If they had been thinking of the land that they had left behind, they would have had opportunity to return.

16 But as it is, they desire a better country, that is, a heavenly one. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; indeed, he has prepared a city for them.




“…….and you say there is lots more gold in that city we cannot see just yet?”




“Where did that glint go?  Why didn’t you grab up that crown?

Old Spottedy Goat mumbled at Cross-Eyed Sheepdog.

“Why, don’t you keen a singley thing, you mottled fallen down?

“Did not you see Old Crow wave that glint away in fog?”



“Yes, dear goatly friend, dear crossly dog, ye not to see now,

Ye not to live now with gold, oh no, ’tis not the time in these rocks.”

Did Old Crow, with Ugly Bird and Bluesy Fly, just behind in tow,

Croak out the promise of cities golden so high, in yet-to-be docks.







Dragonfly Flutters Spotted Goat





“As if, as if, huffy, puffy, luff, luff

“As if not bad enough, gruff stuff

“Standing out blotchedy, notchedy

“Spottedy, pottchedy, crotchedy

“Grazing down left behinds so mines

“Drinking down far corners left behinds.”


For, you see, Goatsy Spotsist was claimed by none.

For, you see, Papa, Mama, Uncle, Aunt white of bun.

For, you see, Notty Goatherd nor Potty Master claimed no black.

For, you see, no sight admitted of spotted nor striped on back.

For, you see, no hill held goats of marks,no rocks hid the strange.

For, you see, no such claimed admission on this pure grange.


“Oh, me, oh my, oh knee, oh back, all spottedy me, me,me.

“Oh, me, so left, so behind, no peace under pine tree, see.

“Oh, me, of my, all so bad, me so bad, but now am tried.

“Oh, me, so tried, so baddetdy triedetdy now buzz sighed.

“Oh, me, so sighed by buzzedty flysie so drag-goned flippy.

“Oh, me, of my, oh duffy puffy tuffy stop sippely flippy.”


For, you see, not just alone was Goatsy Spotsist, trying to graze,

But, you see, was Goatsy Spotsist all flipped by Dragonsy in maize.

Oh me, oh my, you see, poor loneliest Goatsiest Spotsiest was buzzed

Yes, you see, now you see, sipping Goatsy Spotsist by Flysie all fuzzed.

Dear, dear me, oh dear, dear one, scarcely could any more fluster

Dear, oh dear, now to be fussed and nagged was Goatsy now to bust-her.


“Oh, thou noble Goatsy, so coatsied in noble marks, so ready now for larks.

“Oh, thou most striking, stripeddy Goatsy, know you not you dressed in sparks,

“Know you not you sparked by starriest lights struck from above in angel choirs,

“Know you not you marked from above so special to carry me to blessed biers,

“Oh, thou most chosen Goatsy, now be flitted and fluttered by my wings in blue,

“Oh, thou royal marked Goatsy, now be running under my wings on path so true.”


For, you see, Goatsie Spotsist and Dragonsy Flysie in true blue bond called to join.

For, you see, Spotted One and Blue One leaping as one tilting angel not for coin.

For, you see, Spotsy and Bluesy bold as dragons skipping in flitters no more fluttered.

For, you see, Goatsie and Flysie far ahead of herders, ever closer than masters shuttered.

For, you see, leaping Spotted One and fluttering Bluesy One no more in worried wrinkles.

For, you see, sacred choiring of peace on earth, goodwill to all flew beast, flew fly, all smiling winkles.

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