Squeaky, squashy, mishy, mashy, we go

grabbing that one, pushing this one

Sometimes whiney, sometimes finey, Bro;


Do we take this here crookelly road

appearing to wander all shadey to the right?

Or do we take leftelly path bumpy like Toad?


Then old benty shepherd raised his Crookeye

wavering and weavering overhead

Then and there stilling in glare therebye.


Ol’ Crookeye doth set mind straight ahead

Finding more light just over ridge up yonder

Telling we needs stumbly bumbly up to bed.


We seeking light needs stagger uphill

We seeking light needs crawl straight ahead

We seeking right no turns for thrill.


So pushing, leaning, clutching, keening

all friends in critterly, unfolkly quest

turn not to right or left only up for meaning


For guiding Crookeye doth a glint, a spark

peekeling out from rock and twig and thorn

high on the crest to draw all folk out of dark



Note:  For learning of Crookeye, refer to December Posts during the time of advent



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