“……and what is that you say, Brother Greg, about these critters?”


“……and what is that you say, Brother Greg, about these critters?”

Dear Friends, this morning I received such a wonderful email from one of our fellow blogging friends, that I wanted to share it on this post!

Tomorrow, I will be replying from the other side of our critters’ pathway back to Brother Greg (known to many of you as writinggomer!)

Here is  the e-mail:

Hi Rose,

You can do whatever your heart desires with this. This popped into my head last night in the shower!

Just a silly little diddy…


If ever there was a critter, named Jitters

For you see, there really was a critter named Jitters.

Jitters enjoys a good romp and a stomp

Never able to be still, always hustling, busseling, moving along

Jitters climbed and crawled, in and out, over and through

Have you met a critter named Jitters?

He’s quite real you know

Jitters lives with the critters

Critters that live at granbee’s house

Over the river and through the woods

It’s off to granbee’s house we go

Romp and stomp through the woods

Walk and talk down the trail

The trail of the One, the One I say

The critters know the way, Jitters in tow

Off on an adventure, an adventure today

The One, we must praise Him

The One we must follow Him

The critters and Jitters, off on a run

A run in the sun, to see the Son

Do you know Jitters, who follows along side the critters?

Do you know the One

The One they seek

The critters know the way

The most excellent way

Come along on the way, the journey begins for you today

With Jitters and critters, and all manner of folk

To see the One, the only One



Remember, dear friends:  tomorrow a post from the view from the other side of the trail!  Restock your backpacks!


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