First, allow me to correct yesterday’s post listing other websites I follow/like/blog on:

Besides, I also am “hooked up” with:  (who has a very popular post called “Whispering Trees”)

and (which has a lot to do with listing to nature)

I am celebrating today the following:

1)sunrise on frost

2)early birds in my pathways

3)my dogs teaching me so many benefits of quiet walking

4)all of the above sharpening my creative focus and almost pre-selecting my words for me

All of the above are so nourishing for my soul that I am renewed constantly as I write, even when editing and being interrupted with the detritus left over from a day of pushing all that “busy-stuff” onto the back burner of my life!

Hooray for quiet spirits gathering all around me.  Thank you, one and all!



Yes, the rest from pressing myself to write higher and higher wordcount posts definitely helped.  However, I am not cured.  Yes, I am a ham but not cured.  I’m just hanging out in the smokehouse of all my loosely connected brainstorms, twisting over that final blast of the curing fire of editing discipline!!  However, I am a softer ham, a less pungent ham, a less singeing-of-the-pscyhic-nose-hairs ham than two days ago.  Here are some ways I have accomplished this better-hamness:

1)  Reading outloud the lines before stopping for the day;

2)  Meditating for about one minute between each coupld of stanzas;

3)  Resisting urge to call friend to read poetry post online (after too-hasty posting!);

4) Walking, skipping, jumping, twirling, lying down, kneeling, etc. as called for by any given line metrics;

5) Whisper-chanting the lines.

Also, taking more time to participate more thoughtfully in my favorite blogs (see for links) before beginning writing and taking time to visit briefly with a few “significant others” or new friends has definitely grounded me much better.  I need to stop being such a “know-it-all” and consult more with others, not just bounce off them.  Humility contributes to inner peace, which frees up a lot of mental/emotional/spiritual capacity for creative work.  May the Force be with me!

Now, I will take a deep breath and tackle some delayed contact with links found at, such as exploring the 31 days of writing challenge seen on yesterday’s post, found here:

P.S.  The honesty and humility found at really helped me today!

Will be posting soon about emitting sparks to light up social justice fires in my near vicinity!


This will be a VERY short post today, as I desperately needed a “time-out” earlier today.  After a visit with my pals at my local health food store, Herbal Solutions, and purchasing 6 ounces of tumeric for extra seasoning and old-fashioned joints-aching-in-the cold pain relief, here’s what I have to offer right now before my posting time is up for today (other worthy activities calling soonest!):

Tumey red powder from India stinging my nose

Sliding under the seat to surprise my fatigue

Riding with the have-tos of the morning

And the should-bes of the evening.


About-to-explode psyche whispering all day

To gain admittance to the respectables

So glad to sneeze and bless me

Whizzing past the bank of the church ladies.


See you tomorrow, friends.  I am now refreshed.



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