Okay, I need re-filling, restoring, re-juicing, just REE-WHEE-ing today.

I was convinced to be still, be quiet to seek the next level for social action as a senior citizen/ex-child of the 60s today by a photo from The Lightbox.

This great pic captured participants in OCCUPY WALL STREET sitting in silent prayer together.  I could just feel the rejuvenation in my own spirit soaking up this great photo.

So, wait until Saturday, when I strive to dive into one of those creases in my brain holding many great memories (see one of my granbee Tweets today) that can point the way to re-newed achievement in the coming days.

Then, and only then, will I tackle replies to my post on Poets and Writers Speakeasy about significance of metric choices in poetry composition.



There is hope!  Now other cities are staging Anti-Wall Street/Anti-Establishment type protests, after the NYC model.  And, joy of all joys, some of my more sedate friends here in SmallCity,SouthernUSA, are seeking me out, as follows:

“I always dress up and ride in a clean, waxed car to perform my errands because of blah,blah,blah chronic health condition.  I don’t want people to think I am helpless.”

“I have been known to walk a half-block to a store after my weekly hair appointment.”

“When I lived in BigCity,USA, I used to walk a lot to perform errands.  But, here, everyone who might see me walking with a shopping bag KNOWS ME!”

Now, I ask you, isn’t there a pattern here building barriers between yourself and the very people who might be your best partners in community improvement/inspiring moments/happiness-in-general.

Do we want to only build partneships on false foundations of “appearances”?

Are we going to promote the disappearance of the middle class in America through our obsession with “what will other people think of me?” which keeps us from speaking out in the public forum?



Okay, so I am walking around taking care of personal errands downtown (small Southern town).  Trying to be a good citizen of Mother Earth, I had parked in a central location and set out on foot.  Alright, already,  I am also benefitting my own health and staying off medical claims rolls.  Anyway, after leaving the fourth establishment, with several logoed  shopping bags by now, I am approached by a relatively young gentleman who inquires” Excuse me, ma’am, are you trying to get back to your group home?”  Practicing my best p.r. skills, I calmly asked him if he minded my asking him why he asked.  The reply? “Because you were walking and you have white hair.”

Now, folks, I am still celebrating “burning the mortgage” on my home four months ago.  The comfort and self-confidence I gained from this allowed me to say,”Sir, I appreciate your concern but I own my home outright; and I walk both for my health and to conserve more of the earth’s resources, not to mention contributing a little less to air pollution.”  People, what I have not revealed so far is that THIS small southern town is the ONLY one where I have ever parked, walked to complete errands, and was viewed as doing nothing especially noteworthy.

Please understand I truly appreciate the beam of light the above incident shed into the darker craters of my fellow citizen’s hearts and minds.  Some tentative conclusions:

1)  The need of most to barricade themselves behind auto bodies and hair color?

2)  The wearing of “conservative” blinders about the ecology?

3)  The assumptions about how, when, and where people of “our kind” exercise?

Stay tuned for more thinking and related incidents in the life of this white-haired walker.

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