“……such bright clean hugs for sleep dancing!”






“……such bright clean hugs for sleep dancing!”








So now did all friends stretch and breathe in space

Of High Room so wide and clean and glinting all to shine

All in blending stripes as Cuddles patted Donkey brow in trace

Of missing mommy now flowing twixt the two like twine.




“Ah, shush, shush, “did yawn out Ugly Bird in lullaby time.

“Spy ye now Mr. Jitters tipping and toeing in waltz so slow!”

Croaked Crow: “Now ye learns secret of King’s dance so sublime.

“What began as shepherding jitter re-forms for  worship so!”



Okay, I need re-filling, restoring, re-juicing, just REE-WHEE-ing today.

I was convinced to be still, be quiet to seek the next level for social action as a senior citizen/ex-child of the 60s today by a Time.com photo from The Lightbox.

This great pic captured participants in OCCUPY WALL STREET sitting in silent prayer together.  I could just feel the rejuvenation in my own spirit soaking up this great photo.

So, wait until Saturday, when I strive to dive into one of those creases in my brain holding many great memories (see one of my granbee Tweets today) that can point the way to re-newed achievement in the coming days.

Then, and only then, will I tackle replies to my post on Poets and Writers Speakeasy about significance of metric choices in poetry composition.

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