—-and now a brighter light through no spots

Join us in our journey with this additional aide:

Lenten Journey – Day 2
Biblical Scripture: 1 John 1:3-10
Open Invitation to Join Terri from
Cloaked Monk


……..and now I see the brighter light because I first saw my own dark spots!”


The friends pulled and strained and stained and mulled

Up and up and up and barely one more dust mote trulled

Then stumbling over blots and mots and lots of dark spots

They bumped ‘gainst that bush back,that Shrub Woman’s clots.


“Tootle-roo!  Tootle-ray! I trump and plump the air with bush nose!”

“Scootle here, scootle here, all ye who wouldst come to blows!”

“So bright a light through my twigs I find!”

“So bright a light— ’cause dark spots scraped and left behind.





Heaving and breathing and cleaving and leaving

the beds of night for the far-hanging ledges

Shoving and scuffing and cuffing and shreveing

the arms and legs on the way of pledges


No wondering no plundering no blinking or shrinking

each friend somehow anyhow leaned and keened there

Not never not clever to scope more journey in thinking

each pain each gain tossed far behind the past to snare


Oh me oh my oh sigh oh nigh to nouncing finish line

while unknown Old Crow flapped in calling new sight

Old Crow scolding the molding of quest thought fine

Old Crow skewing eye to far far peak holding true light


Oh bother oh brother oh mother oh no more cover

Oh no oh so oh do-si-do inshiver inquiver at far peak

Oh friends oh trends oh mends of mind to seek far lover

Of all our souls in tolls of Crow across black tangly creek



“No, we’uns may unt go so fast.”

“Yes, we needs hurry and scurry, so Blast!”

“No, all Floppies and Moppies, looky-looky”

“Yes, stompy ones and rompy ones, spooky,spooky!

Dose shadows and darklings creep all round.”

So pushed and pulled and stumbled and crumbled

our friends in fray never ceased moans mumbled.

So tucking of heads and slapping of keds

our friends still made way to uphill beds.

Never failing dose shadows and darkling to astound.

“Why we needs grab one the other round bush and rock?”

“Hush, hush, all bushies and mushies do take stock!”

“What meansies thee scolding us like teensies?”

Why, some higheye must see bye ‘n bye, you crock!”

Always kicking dose shadows and darklings back to ground.

So leaning and keening and pushing and crushing

our friends in straining arrayed on higher mushing.

So heltering skeltering shadows behind

our friends eared and eyed and nosed to light in kind.

Slapping dose shadows and darklings back in a mound.

“Why, how we up so high, how we see whole light?”

“You ever hope in lope with jewely rope”

“Why we not all tumbley-mumbley down with blight”

“You ever faced up, ever traced frowards by scope.”

                                                                                                                                                                              Squabbling dose shadows and darklings into da ground.

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