“……but I’m not GOOD enough!”





“……but I’m not GOOD enough for that High Room!”

“I not good enough,clean enough for goin’

into that High Room of Light,” moaned one critter,

that Flop-Eared Donkey, brayin’ in sad groanin’

in the Wind of Disgust of mind in fear so bitter.




Flop-Eared Boy ran to cry on Donkey’s neck:

“You beez mah fweenz, youz carry mah load!”

“Waitsee,waitsee,” spouted Big Croakie on deck.

“Dat beastie kicked me down no bettr’n a toad!”




So Boy pulled one donkey ear to lead up to Room;

But Croakie hopped on other ear to smash back down:

“He’uns no go in High Room of Light wid ME!”did boom

Out Old Croakie in great frantic hoppin’ under mean frown.




“Then ye can just hop right on out with Snarlies and Growlies,”

pointed all friends in winding chorus blowing up to high shelf.

“Oh,me, oh my, oh bye-bye,” Croakie wept deep in his bowelies.

“Oh, I sees now I give not to Donkey what I’se wants for Self.”




“Oh, please, please, O thou dear cloud o’ witnesses so clean:

“I is beggin’ just one-toe-room in low,low corner of High Space.”

Then did Flop-Eared Donkey step right up smartly to keen:

“Oh, now ’tis I who begs dis Croakie to be forgivin’ me w’out trace.”




Then didst Littley Lamb whisper up to Old Crow:

“Let Rainbow Fly gleam on Donkey and Frog alike,

“Flap them both right quick, quick up and up in tow

“Right straight into High Room free from all strike.”





The Day the Stripes Crossed Over


Little Worm and Pesky Bug packed up for a jaunt

towards a full day’s dawdle

Waved off by Mutter Owl and Nuttery Squirrel

only too glad for respite to pawdle


Wormy wriggles and buggy piddles soon led both

to brightening perches over the river

Where wormy round and buggy feat allowed to lean

in viewing such blurrs as to quiver:


“What? no bold lines around me. What? no dark stripes?”

each strained in vein remark on such dim markers.

“Why such dim outlines, such disappointing pipes?”

each sliding away from such marks as markers.


On in their day of dawdle scoffed Wormy and Buggy,

“We see bold bands, bright markers, yes glinting stripes

on Big Brother Snakey and Loud Lord Beebuggy”

On in their dawdle day to doodle lunch under pipes.


“Oh, see there, see there old skin of Snakey!

“Oh, see there, see there torn wing of Beezy!”

“We puts them on, we boldsy-swellsy intrachey”

“Oh, moany-groany, Mutter Owl calls teasey!”


So at dying light Owlsie and Snouty Palsie

ruffle and stuffle and shuffle

while flipping and flapping almost palsy

in sad mistaken mismarked meal, no truffle.


Now the nightingale sings to her love

“No stripes but your own

“Never wear from above

“The mark not given from your own bone.”


Yes, the rest from pressing myself to write higher and higher wordcount posts definitely helped.  However, I am not cured.  Yes, I am a ham but not cured.  I’m just hanging out in the smokehouse of all my loosely connected brainstorms, twisting over that final blast of the curing fire of editing discipline!!  However, I am a softer ham, a less pungent ham, a less singeing-of-the-pscyhic-nose-hairs ham than two days ago.  Here are some ways I have accomplished this better-hamness:

1)  Reading outloud the lines before stopping for the day;

2)  Meditating for about one minute between each coupld of stanzas;

3)  Resisting urge to call friend to read poetry post online (after too-hasty posting!);

4) Walking, skipping, jumping, twirling, lying down, kneeling, etc. as called for by any given line metrics;

5) Whisper-chanting the lines.

Also, taking more time to participate more thoughtfully in my favorite blogs (see twitter.com@granbee for links) before beginning writing and taking time to visit briefly with a few “significant others” or new friends has definitely grounded me much better.  I need to stop being such a “know-it-all” and consult more with others, not just bounce off them.  Humility contributes to inner peace, which frees up a lot of mental/emotional/spiritual capacity for creative work.  May the Force be with me!

Now, I will take a deep breath and tackle some delayed contact with links found at http://writeitsideways.com, such as exploring the 31 days of writing challenge seen on yesterday’s post, found here: http://betterwritinghabits.com/index/

P.S.  The honesty and humility found at http://hahousewife.wordpress.com really helped me today!

Will be posting soon about emitting sparks to light up social justice fires in my near vicinity!

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